Revolutionize Your Practice: Elevate Patient Care and Profitability with Your Dental Office’s In House Program Automated!

No complicated software, no training needed. We keep it simple! Customize your fee schedule. We handle all the state licensing and compliance, we automate renewals, and promote your office to other patients! Request your free materials today.

Transform your dental practice into a more profitable and patient-centric entity with DentaCard. Offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to your patients, you can eliminate the insurance middleman, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both your practice and your patients.

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Benefits for Your Practice:

  1. Increase Production:
    • Unlock the potential for 2x more production from patients enrolled in membership plans compared to uninsured individuals.
    • Leverage the financial advantage of a membership-driven model for a more prosperous practice.
  2. Boost Case Acceptance:
    • Enjoy a significant boost in case acceptance rates, with members accepting 50% to 100% more treatment than uninsured patients.
    • Provide an incentive for patients to prioritize their oral health through membership benefits.
  3. Attract New Patients:
    • Differentiate your dental practice by offering innovative membership plans, attracting patients seeking alternatives to traditional insurance.
    • Expand your patient base by catering to individuals without insurance and those looking for a more personalized and cost-effective dental care experience.

How DentaCard Works:

  1. Design Your Care Plans:
    • Utilize our intuitive Plan Builder to craft tailored in-house dental membership plans for your practice.
    • Benefit from our best practice templates or exercise complete creative control by designing plans from the ground up, including treatments, subscription prices, terms, and more.
  2. Manage Your Program:
    • Easily choose and edit your own fee schedule and rewards.
  3. Enroll Your Patients:
    • Streamline the enrollment process for your patients, allowing them to sign up for plans effortlessly in your office or online, using any device, in just 90 seconds.
    • Leverage our turn-key Membership Growth Services to promote your program effectively, reaching both new and existing patients through various channels such as printed materials, digital advertising, and direct mail.

Conclusion: Elevate your dental practice to new heights by embracing the innovation and profitability offered by DentaCard. With increased production, higher case acceptance rates, and the ability to attract a broader patient demographic, DentaCard empowers your practice to thrive in a dynamic and patient-focused landscape.

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